Hi there–come on in! It’s a mess and I’m a mess, but aren’t we all?

My name’s Amanda, but if you’ve known me more than six months you probably know me as Mandie.  I’m a storyteller and poet, journalism grad, single pringle, over-sharer, coffee connoisseur (but don’t ask me to pronounce it) and I definitely have more issues than Vogue.

I’m currently working on poetry, a book about mental health battles, fitness goals, getting through seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, and learning how to look people in the eye when I speak to them. ONE STEP AT A TIME, PEOPLE.

Not Your Average Coffee Bean is my space on the internet. It started out as a platform I stepped into every once in awhile when I was fifteen and felt like I had something to say, but has grown into the place where I talk faith, bucket lists, mental health struggles, and being real in a world that’s pressing you to be perfect. The ultimate purpose of this blog is for you, love, to have a safe space to come to in a world of social media disingenuity and filtered-over lives. I believe that storytelling can save lives and I believe that honesty is transforming, so I meet you here. I tell my stories. I talk about what I’m learning and where I’ve come from.

If you’ve messed up big time, this is the blog for you.

If you need community, this is the blog for you.

If you’re struggling, this is the blog for you.

If you’re feeling faithless and wondering what it all means, this blog is for you.

If your heart’s broken into a million pieces, this blog is for you.

If you have a pulse, this blog is for you.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. readsbyem says:

    MANDIE! 😀 Sorry I didn’t know how else to contact you because the number I put in my phone didn’t match the paper you gave me but I threw it away before I could fix thatttt… But anyways XD
    Can you email me through my page and give me your number again? Thanks ❤

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