delicate flower

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

you say i’m a delicate floWer…

let’s pretend i haven’t heard that one in the last hour–

i am a delicate floweR. 

i build emotional castles and watch them tOwer,

wait for my Next victim before i let it shower,

start the fire, watch you burn–anything that brings me power,

tell me the truth and i Go sour,

you say i’m a delicate flower.

give my voice back, i’ll say it All slowly, change the rhyme, watch you cower–


i’ll admit it, my feelings are a Bit of a mess–

they knOck me down, pin me down, i stay in duress,

five minUtes with my brain and you’d be in high stress,

and i’ll admit, men Tend to want women who…feel…less…

but i hate their games; i don’t dress to impress,

and in my opinion, this ability to feel gives me…a kind of…finesse.

now if this is weak, i understand your distress,

you’d have to live it to know it’s strength and not weakness,

so to you, i’ll simply nod and say, “bless.”

because i am a delicate flower.